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Rehearsal plans for next concert:

     Rehearsal 1: January 24th , Colyton Town Hall


     Rehearsal 2: January 31st, Colyton Town Hall


     Rehearsal 3: February 7th, Colyton Town Hall (includes AGM)


     Rehearsal 4: February 14th, Colyton Town Hall


     Rehearsal 5: February 21st, Colyton Town Hall


 Colyton Concert Day: Sunday 25th February

12.30 - 1.45 Concert run-through
3.00 Concert at Colyton Town Hall


Dear all,
Colyton has a COVID 19 guidance for hirers of the Feoffees Hall, and the AVO

Committee has examined the Making Music’s Covid guidelines. With all of these in mind here is a checklist of points for us to observe when restarting rehearsals.

Do not attend if you have Covid symptoms/have tested positive/live with someone who has tested positive/has to quarantine/self isolate.

1. There is a one way system of entry and exit. Please enter via the main door and exit via the door at the end of the passageway. (Disabled access however will be as before via the emergency door from the main hall to the passageway.)

2. People entering the foyer should stand in the middle of the stairs to enable anyone coming down the stairs to access toilets on either side.

3 Where necessary participants are asked to queue outside on the pavement to the left of the main doors to avoid blocking the entrance to the convenience store next door.

4. Section leaders will be keeping a register of all attending - please make sure your section leader has a note of your name for each rehearsal. This is in case there is a need to contact people in future should there be a case of Covid.

5. Whilst the hall provide sanitisers don’t forget hand washing.

6. We can open windows and doors, so be prepared with warmer clothing.

7. Mask wearing is optional.

8. Please bring your own music stand.

9. Please keep instrument cases with you.. Large cases can be stored at the sides of the hall.

10. For instruments that require draining of condensation please bring a towel or bag to make sure no drips go on the floor.

Many thanks all. 

Our next concert

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